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Spanish Cooking Websites

spanish cooking websites

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  • The White-Faced Black Spanish is a Spanish breed of chicken. They are thought to be the oldest breed of fowl in the Mediterranean class. The British have records dating back to 1572 referring to this chicken. This breed was admitted into the American Poultry Association in 1874.

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Navaja-Viva and Percebes

Navaja-Viva and Percebes

I have been wanting to try Percebes (goose barnacles) since first seeing them a month ago, but both their cost and availability have been a deterrent. Personally, I find they look like the leg and foot of an elephant, but I guess I can see a gooseneck.

Percebes sell for €59/kilo to €89/kilo in restaurants, or I can pick them up here in La Boqueria market and try to cook them myself. I've now added Navaja-Viva to my list of must eats before I leave Latin Europe. Look at these things! They look amazing!

The has been a brief history of exporting Canadian gooseneck barnacles to Spain, as the Spanish percebe catch has begun to decline, due both to mass deaths and reproductive failure of barnacles because of oceanic pollution and oil spills off the coast of Spain and perhaps also due to overfishing. Then the government of Canada halted the gooseneck barnacle fishery. This barnacle may look like a mollusc but it is in fact a crustacean related to shrimps, lobsters and crabs. The percebe thrives at the ocean’s foamy edge. Slammed by boiling sea waves, laved in saline by constant saltwater surf, the percebe thrives clinging to wave-lashed crags of the sea, to coastal rocks in narrow inlets called ‘surge channels’ up which the ocean thrusts oxygen-rich waves tumbling and roiling to wash over the barnacle colonies, thus providing tiny planktonic food to be caught by the winnowing fan-like legs poking out and up from the barnacle. Barnacles attach themselves to rocks by their “heads” and feed by means of their feathery “legs.”

Their cost is understandable given the conditions in which they grow, but more specifically, the conditions in which they are harvested. From an aboriginal fishing website operated by the West Coast Vancouver Island Aquatic Management Board: "Out of the white water and foam, the bright red shirt of a goose barnacle fisherman appears. What saves him from getting swept out to sea is a line, tied to his waist, the other end at the top of the cliff where his fishing partner watches the swells and pulls him out of the worst."

And one last tidbit of information, the barnacle has the longest penis in the animal kingdom, in proportion to its body length. I'm just sayin'.

Preparing sweet red pepper for escalivada

Preparing sweet red pepper for escalivada

Escalivada is a typical preparation of Catalan cuisine that consists of several types of grilled vegetables, such as eggplants (genus Solanum), sweet red peppers (genus Capsicum), red tomatoes (Solanum esculentum), and sweet onions. Once well cooked on the grill, those vegetables are peeled and sliced in strips, the seeds removed, and seasoned with olive oil and salt, and sometimes with garlic as well.
Escalivar means to cook in hot ashes. Typically the vegetables in an escalivada are grilled, and the dish is served with grilled meats. Mountain shepherds were adept at packing their rucksacks with some cheese and wine and building a hardwood fire near a revetment of their sheep's pasture where they could grill a medley of vegetables.

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spanish cooking websites

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