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Roast Lamb Cooking Times

roast lamb cooking times

    cooking times
  • Fish is naturally tender, requiring short cooking times at high temperatures. Allow 10 minutes per inch of thickness (at the thickest part) for fresh fish, 20 minutes per inch for frozen fish.

    roast lamb
  • Lamb, hogget, and mutton are the meat of domestic sheep. The meat of an animal in its first year is lamb; that of an older sheep is hogget and later mutton.

  • lamb roast: a cut of lamb suitable for roasting

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday

One of my best Easter Sundays! I cooked roast lamb (and two shanks) with savoy cabbage, carrots, brokkoli, roast potatoes, homemade gravy (none of that Bisto shit!) and yorkshire puddings. Not to forget mint sauce!!! For afters we had banoffi pie, carrot cake and chocolate cake with whipped cream. Lots of wine and beer, too!

Luckily the weather was great so we could eat in the garden!

Checking the Progress

Checking the Progress

Just another shot to show the change in colour as the meat cooks. Don't forget, if you're going to pop the lid off every now and then to check up on it like I did, you'll want to add more hickory from time to time, and you'll also want to extend the cooking time a little to make up for the heat lost while the lid is off.

roast lamb cooking times

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